Chasing Angels or Fleeing Demons.

Sharing your story and exploring the peaks (highs) and valleys (lows) of your life is difficult. After myriad conversations surrounding the topic of mountain motivations I have found that many people have hidden reasons that they often bury or are uncomfortable sharing. I am confident that bringing awareness to these reasons in a safe and supportive manner is a powerful way to form deep and lasting connections.

The other aspect of this project is artistic. As an aspiring photographer I am working with individuals on a portrait series to compliment their story. As I work through the discovery process I may contact you to further discuss your responses and to set a date for a visual documentation session – a photoshoot or filming session. I am committed to letting this project unfold organically. Where this project will go is unknown but I am sure that the people that I meet deserve a voice and and a community. Your story is important even if by societal norms you are ordinary. This project isn’t about norms, it is about authenticity.

I ask for your help once more. If you know a mountain goer who has an influential story and/or has had a lasting impact on your life then please share and encourage them to participate; I would be honored to meet them.

Thank you so very much.

– Brett


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